An Unspoken Love

We could talk for an hour about nothing but the flower that grows in the marching shade
About the way the wind blows and the secrets it holds as the daylight begins to fade.
You and I, we are woven from the same batch of string,
You bring joy to my heart and I am dying to sing!
It’s like nothing before, no one else can compare;
Time and time again we are found trapped in a stare.
The beauty in your brilliant blue eyes glistens when our gazes meet,
The walls I built up, you so easily defeat.
From the day we first met to the day we stand here
Face to face once again, I wish you always were near.
I could hold up your heart, never let you fall apart
Even on the hardest of days.
We’d share all of the laughs, life would be near perfect at last!
If you’d let me call you mine for the rest of my days
In return you would gladly do the same.
We would live like we were never a part of the games
That rip and tear at the hearts of those destined to play.
But for us it would be like a honey melody,
Like a walk in the sun, hand in hand.
You and I, we are one, as the same web was spun
I just wish you could see how grand it would be
If in the low-shining light of the moonlight night
You reached out and took my hand.
I believe it’s more than best friends:
Can we resist to pretend?
How can we ignore the chemistry?
As you lift up my heart and never let me fall apart,
Do you ever see anything more?
As you help me tie my scarf
Are you wishing we never drift apart?
That smirk as we catch eye with our inside jokes,
Would you laugh at me if, of this love, I spoke?
Or would you take up my hand, whisper in my ear,
I have love you then and now, and I will love you still.
Come near to my heart: Oh, this life what a thrill!
If only the passions you bury inside
You’d risk with me for a romance to spark, come alive.
A story of two friends matched like honey and the bee,
A tale of love and laughter as our souls run free.
Oh how I wish I knew: do you love me?


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