Your Eyes

I look into your stunning hazel eyes only to get lost in their brilliance.
Never before had I realized the beauty of a dark colored eye until gazing into yours.
In your eyes I see light; they radiate hope, joy, and love mixed in with compassion and wisdom.
They portray emotion in the most beautiful way imaginable,
Enabling an empathy stronger than I have ever come to know before.
When I look into your eyes, it’s as if our souls collide;
They wave through the window and knock on the glass in attempt to catch each other’s glance.
Your eyes lock with my own as we share a smile and I feel home.
I feel safe, I feel wanted, I feel loved and cherished; I feel beautiful and worthy in your eyes.
Never before have I felt this way, never before have another’s eyes had such meaning.
Fireworks explode above us in the midnight sky, and I admit that I am distracted.
The way the fireworks reflect in your eyes is far more extravagant than how they appear in the night.
You turn to look at me, perhaps wondering what has caught my attention,
And suddenly it becomes difficult for either of us to turn back towards the sky.
We gaze into one another’s eyes and smile as I wish I knew what was going through your mind.
It seemed as if the fireworks had been set off in my heart rather than the atmosphere surrounding us.
For a sweet moment in time, the world stands still as I become lost in your eyes.
Their appearance is etched into my memory, only to be shattered the next time our eyes meet;
How is it possible they have become more magnificent than before?
I have come to know your eyes; their familiarity brings comfort and joy to my heart.
When I look into your eyes, I silently thank God for designing them so exquisitely.
I thank Him that I have come to know these eyes and cherish the soul they belong to.
I marvel in the artwork God has created in your eyes.


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