The trees on the hillside sway softly to the beat

of the warm summer breeze as I stare down at my feet.

Where will I go, where will my next steps lead?

Adventure, I hope, as it is just what I need.

The thrill of exploring somewhere new and grand,

hoping you are with me holding tightly to my hand.

Guide me through the forest and over the great mountain peak,

when we reach the summit, kiss me softly on my cheek.

As we gaze upon the valley and river down below

I have a story to tell you; I want you to know.

I turn to you then as you glance at the sky,

smiling brightly when you turn back and catch my eye.

Little do you know, so much I could tell;

keeping this from you doesn’t suit me so well.

For I would much rather dwell in the here and now

if you knew that I loved you and exactly how.

Your smile, your eyes, your laugh, your walk,

your jokes, your habits, your quirks, and your talk.

I have been tainted by the poison injected into my vein,

I never imagined I would know such a pain.

But this pain that I know is one that I keep,

The dull sting in my heart keeps me from my sleep.

For I would much rather be there sitting with you

doing whatever it is that you say we do.

Am I reading this wrong? I can just never tell,

so frustrating not knowing if you too fell

for the one who calls you her best friend.

The girl who would follow you until her end.

She knows she was damaged, yet you picked up her heart.

You fearlessly never let her fall apart.

Why? I suppose, she may never know.

I stare at my feet wondering where I will go.


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