About the Author

In order to fully understand and relate to my story, it is important to know who is behind the screen. It is a key piece of information to know who’s story is being told if you are to properly understand and relate, so it is my pleasure to introduce myself.

My name is Ember Crane, author and founder here at Shatterproof. I live in a small country town surrounded by the vast mountains and forests I am blessed to call home. My life has always been, for the most part, a really great life when I look at it in retrospect. I have a wonderful and loving family, a dog who is loyal like none other, and most importantly, a God who loves me beyond comprehension. I am extremely blessed, and to know that I am loved beyond measure by the King of Kings is enough to make my heart soar. I love my life and I am so thankful for the ways in which I have been blessed. I finally have a best friend of a little over two years now, and a group that has accepted me as their own. I have a steady job and all that I could ever ask for, and that is by God’s grace alone.

So although my life is mostly good, there are parts of my life that no one else gets to see. There is the “Ember” that the world sees who is always radiating joy with her ever-present smile; there is no way this Ember has ever known the darkness of this world. That Ember exists because she doesn’t know how others would react if they weere to truly see the real Ember; the raw emotion and thoughts that lie behind that beautiful facade she calls her daily mask. She doesn’t know if they would understand her, so she goes through life wondering if there is anyone who truly knows her, if there is anyone who could ever understand her and what she has been through. Yes, there are many people who have it worse off than her, and she knows that. But just because she knows that, it doesn’t negate the effect her pain has on not only her life, but her soul. It doesn’t drown out the fact her very essence of who she is is being altered by the darkness she is fighting. She has her own battles, and she is at war. To anyone on the outside though, they would never know because Ember would never let them see.

The time has come however for my story to be told; I can no longer take the silence that batters me and beats me violently as my mind rages. I don’t want to leave this world never knowing if there was ever a person who know the true Ember Crane. I want to be heard, I want to be known. And while I tell my story, I hope to strengthen and encourage others who are dealing with similar battles. I have been set free; I have found my strength in my Creator.

I am Ember Crane, and with the help of God, family, and a few close friends I have defeated my demons. I have become Shatterproof.


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