New Post Category: Endlessly Ember

On this cloud filled, damp morning it struck me that I am not putting myself out there as much on a personal level, and I want my readers to know me and see me as I am in real life. Hence, a new category was born; Endlessy Ember. This category will be used to better... Continue Reading →



As time goes on, I often find myself looking at the date and realizing, "Wow, a year ago today I never would have figured my life would look like this had I fast-forwarded one year." In the moment it all seemed so hopeless and all reason to live would cease to exist. Then something would... Continue Reading →

Life, Sweet Child

Drink it in my sweet child, taste the sweet honey rain, Breathe it in, breathe it out, life is more than just pain. For the troubles and the trials, all the pain and despair You will turn out just stronger, like a lion or a bear. These things made to shape you and to beat... Continue Reading →


Follow the old lines on the ceiling Shut the widows, close the door. I don't see this as an escape, I don't know you anymore. When you say that your the same you and I am still me, How? I do wonder a question older than the trees That fill the redwoods and the forests,... Continue Reading →

5 Goals for 2018

I am the type of person who is very good at starting projects, losing motivation, and setting them aside to be finished...well probably never. I'm a dreamer, a creator, and a procrastinator. It is caused by several things from my infp personality to my lack of interest as a side effect of my mind. But... Continue Reading →

Rest In Peace

Within the past month there has been two suicides in the high school of my town, and it just is heartbreaking to see the aftermath of such events. The flickering lights of the candles that light up the high school parking lot, the mom's and families who hurt to the point they can't get out... Continue Reading →

Late Night Whispers

The night hours seem to be when my mind decides to come to life. Whether it is thinking of the most mysterious and thought provoking issues of the day that just passed or what my days will come to be like in the future, I know one thing is for certain. These midnight thoughts my... Continue Reading →


I surrender to the night that has dusted sleep upon my eyes Whispering a prayer to the moonlight sky, Of How thankful I am for the greatest of things Yet even more for the small things and the joy it brings. About the rain and the trees as they sway to the beat Or the... Continue Reading →

Winding the Rivers

Life for me lately has been a winding ride on a river composed of such wonderful things as well as some, well not so great. I still have difficult days, and I don't know that there is really a cure-all for the way my mind works. But maybe that's okay, maybe that is what makes... Continue Reading →

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