The trees on the hillside sway softly to the beat of the warm summer breeze as I stare down at my feet. Where will I go, where will my next steps lead? Adventure, I hope, as it is just what I need. The thrill of exploring somewhere new and grand, hoping you are with me... Continue Reading →


I Know

I know I’m not the person I strive to be, Often I wonder where is the real me? She’s hidden inside the labyrinth called my mind I know it will soon force you to leave me behind. Perhaps narcoleptic, most days I regret this These feelings inside me, my life seems so hectic. I know... Continue Reading →

Your Eyes

I look into your stunning hazel eyes only to get lost in their brilliance. Never before had I realized the beauty of a dark colored eye until gazing into yours. In your eyes I see light; they radiate hope, joy, and love mixed in with compassion and wisdom. They portray emotion in the most beautiful... Continue Reading →

An Unspoken Love

We could talk for an hour about nothing but the flower that grows in the marching shade About the way the wind blows and the secrets it holds as the daylight begins to fade. You and I, we are woven from the same batch of string, You bring joy to my heart and I am... Continue Reading →

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